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  Contemporary Jewish Issues Commentator

1992: It Begins

Coach first began studying Jewish issues in the spring of

1992 when he attended a policy conference in Washington,

D.C.  There, he met luminaries such as former presidential

nominee, then-Delaware Senator Joe Biden. More

importantly, he earned his first job in journalism, for

Focus: Israel. Little did Coach know that only months later, he

would sit with Daniel Pearl’s killer in Econometrics class at

the LSE.   

1993: White House – Oslo Peace Accords

No, I wasn’t on the White House Lawn. Coach was outside the gate, watching from the fence, knowing he was watching history.

2000: “How I accidentally helped Pres. Obama get elected and didn’t keep Gov. Blagojevich out of prison”

In 2000, Coach found himself at the center of Jewish issues

in a story he recounts during his brief time in political

investigative work. It involves anti-Semitism, Israel, Gov.

Blagojevich, and Coach’s then-prescient call for Obama’s

forthcoming rise in politic ranks as a politician to watch.

As Coach’s then-wife sought to learn more about Judaism for the family, Coach became the leader of the parent movement to ensure accountability at the Parkway School District after the horrific “Hit A Jew Day” incident and whitewash at Parkway West Middle. The community eventually came around. Coach continues writing about it and the issues it raised in suburban St. Louis, from where he hails. 

2018: Trump Domestic Policies From A Jewish Perspective

2022-Present: Modern Jewish Issues Commentator

Coach’s earlier work during “Hit A Jew Day” led to his unique perspective to modern anti-Semitism. Speech is not the enemy. Coach has taken an approach that speech needs to be engaged. He demonstrated that in a vigorous defense of Dave Chappelle, slamming a school for shutting up elementary students rather than teaching them, and engaging on Speaker’s Corner with a group of Muslims on their need to convert others in 2023 or having it out on the Gaza War in early 2024. Coach’s subsequent writings on Israeli Judicial Reform below) make entirely clear his view of a significant unreported cause of anti-Semitism in the West.


October 2023 – Present: War Correspondent, International Envoy, Commentator

Coach flew to Israel in mid-October 2023 where he served as a War Correspondent where he broke significant news (leading to the release of the famed “I killed 10 Jews audio”, International Envoy for a Humanitarian Mission, and Commentator for American Greatness on the War for his “West’s War for Existence Series.” (Part III is hosted at his War Crimes Publication, TribunalForum).


2023: Special Media Advisor to Chair of Knesset’s Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee

Just after the fall 2022 Israeli elections, Coach met with incoming MK Simcha Rothman and the incoming head of the Knesset MK Amir Ohana to discuss the new Israeli government’s approach to judicial reform. As Coach had just become acknowledged as America’s largest judicial misconduct news service and had been paid professionally for judicial ethics investigations by American media concerns, his perspective varied from the usual American attorney mindset. Shortly thereafter, Coach assisted in communicating judicial reform to the English-speaking world on behalf of the reforms. Coach has been published widely, including in the Wall Street Journal several times.

Coach’s Israeli Judicial Reform Articles: 

– Am. Greatness: Thoughts American Jews Must Offer The Anti-Democratic Forces In Israel” (7/12/2023)

– WSJ: “What the Israeli Left Would Rather Forget” (7/3/2023)

– WSJ: “Judges Shouldn’t Select Their Own” (3/28/2023)

– StlJewishLight: Defense of the Unaccountable: The left’s attack on Israel’s Judicial reforms” (3/23/2023)

– Globe Banner: “Israel: Hinging an unhinged Supreme Court” (2/14/2023)